Used in zones where the supply of natural gas, gasoil or fuel oil is easy.

    They realize a warming of thermal oil in closed circuit.

    They yield heat for convection to consuming machines inside a productive process.

    They contribute heat by means of electrical resistances of very low density.

    Performance of 100 % of the emaciated energy.

    Used in the installations of cogeneration.

    They take advantage of the latent heat in the gases of combustion of engines, turbines, incinerators,...

    - Vaporizer: used for small consumptions of steam in facilities of thermal oil.

    - Interaccumulator waters down warmly: warm water tank sanitary in facilities of thermal fluid.

    - Interchanger oil - oil: warming of vegetable(plant) oils with thermal oil.

Sol PIMA Plan for promoting energy rehabilitation of hotel industry

The reason for this blog is to inform all of you about the approval of Royal Decree 635/2013 of August, by which the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment, and the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism, launched a new campaign to improving the facilities in the hotel sector, with the aim of reducing emissions of greenhouse gases.

Both PIROBLOC clients in this sector, such as hotel establishments with industrial boiler installation can count on our engineering department for studies on improving or streamlining their thermal oil and steam installations. This is achieved not only a performance improvement of the property, but also their energy savings. We invite you to visit the following link where you can read more about the referral program:

The long experience in generator design and implementation of heat facilities enable us to carry out technical studies on compliance with the current requirements that the law requires for your facilities.

Do not miss this chance to improve, streamline or renovate their facilities taking advantage of such plan. Read More!

The importance of the film temperature in the boiler life

The film temperature is an important parameter in the design of the boiler. The durability of the boiler and the installation dependent on this one.

It is defined as the oil temperature at the inner surface of the coil tubes. The DIN 4754 standard provides its calculation. The most important parameters are:
  • Oil type.
  • Oil speed.
  • Dimensions of the coil.
  • Dimensions of the combustion chamber.
  • Heat flux.
  • Type of fuel.
This temperature should be low, uniform and stable.

Temperature curve in a tube (DIN 4754:1994-09)

PIROBLOC obtains film temperature values lower by coil design and optimized combustion chamber.

Manufacturing boilers with high performance and durability. Read More!

Target zero accidents

Safety is our main goal. We manufacture our boilers provided under this premise, offering the following solutions:
  1. Detection system undesired flame inside the combustion chamber.  Important to detect flame inside the chamber when the burner and pump are stopped. This system greatly reduces the risk of fire in the installation.
  2. Automatic fire extinguishing. By injecting N2, air or steam inside the combustion chamber get control and eradicate the fire. Ideal complement for the detection system undesired flame.
  3. Redundant securities. By the duplication of the temperature measuring elements (chimney, thermal oil) and pressure (high and differential) got safer boiler.
This equipment is available for both new and existing boilers on the market.

Shield your boiler with these solutions and eliminate hazards in your facility. Read More!

Pirobloc has renewed its ISO 9001:2008 certification

Pirobloc has renewed its ISO 9001:2008 certification until 2016.

The past March, the certification company TÜV has audited Pirobloc successfully, thus renewing the certificate ISO 9001:2008 in the field of design, manufacture and marketing of thermal fluid boilers and heat exchangers as well as, for marketing steam boilers.

This certification ensures that Pirobloc:
  • Plans the production of its products
  • Maintains constant communication with the client to determine all requirements
  • Homologates to its suppliers in terms of materials
  • Performs all activities of verification, validation, monitoring, measurement, inspection and testing to ensure the quality of its products
  • Makes an analysis of the customers feedback to ensure the continuous improvement
  • Manages all nonconformities, whether products, suppliers or internal ones
You can find more information on the ISO in previous articles:
  1. How does it help the certificate of quality ISO 9001 to the customers?
  2. Important aspects about ISO 9001
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The versatility of a manufacturer of thermal oil boilers

The reason for this blog is to inform all of you that our company and its qualification to make engineering studies on improving or streamlining existing thermal oil installations, such as those carried out during 2012 for companies of the French food sector and chemical Belgian sector. The goal is to obtain a performance improvement of your facilities and the energy efficiency through the equipment you already have, being PIROBLOC or other brands, and even from disappeared brands of the market as KONUS.

PIROBLOC offers solutions for the expansion of the actors in any industry, even if they use other brands of thermal fluid boilers. PIROBLOC was pioneer introducing the thermal fluid systems in sectors where steam technology was a feud, such the industrial and hospital laundry.

The long experience in the design of such type of generators and the implementation of thermal fluid facilities enable us to attend to any technical question regarding compliance with the current requirements that the law demands and, on the use of equipment, studio of your initiatives, etc.

The proverb says  that we must Adapt or ….  or better  renew  and reinvent. Read More!